WARNING: Most people know where the "Go Live" button is, but they don't press it.

By not hitting the "Go Live" button you are missing out on expanding your reach and growing your brand.

In my course, Go Live For Growth, I will teach you ways to battle nerves, what equipment you need and my formula for how to go live that will see immediate growth for your Facebook Pages and Groups.

What is Go Live for Growth?

It is a course in which I will walk you through my formula for unlocking the growth you desire. You will be able to take immediate action, improving your Lives to expand your reach and grow your brand.

  • Learn how to battle Facebook Live nerves.

  • Build your brand by connecting with followers and clients.

  • Learn how you can monetize your Lives in multiple ways.

  • Learn my tips on technology and taking it to the next level. Want multiple camera angles? I've got you covered.

  • Build a loyal audience who keeps coming back for more.

About Me

Founder & Instructor

Chloe Crabtree

Hello, I'm Chloe. In 2012 I started a blog called Celebrate & Decorate. Over the last eight years I've grown that blog into a successful income generator. I have learned so much over the years. One of the most important things I've learned is the importance of community in all we do. I would have not been able to grow my brand and audience without the support of mentors and my followers. Now, I want to give back. I want to share with you my formula for success and how my Live videos receive thousands of views and expand my reach. Going Live is a powerful way to grow, whether you're a blogger, a business or looking to launch a product. My first course from The Chloe Academy, Go Live For Growth, will take you through my formula for success.
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Over the last eight years of building my own brand I have worked with the following world renowned companies...



Cynthia Nessel

Create With Cynthia

I thought I’d just share that this morning I got another online order because I did a Facebook Live yesterday. I’m a little surprised it’s taken me a month to realize the impact. Chloe, a big thanks to you.

Kristin Lenz

White Arrows Home

Chloe's course helped give me the behind the scenes understanding of how to make my Facebook LIVES look professional and the confidence to make them a regular part of what I offer my followers. I highly recommend Go Live For Growth!


Chas' Crazy Creations

Chloe's course is easy to understand and she covers everything you need to know to have a successful live show. Even though I have filmed Facebook Lives in the past, I learned incredibly valuable information. With these tips and tricks I'm ready to up my game.

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It's time to be more confident and expand your audience.

How does your program work?

Go Live for Growth is a course. All course modules are available now, no waiting. The course can be accessed through a desktop and mobile browser. The course has PDFs for you to download and print... some of them are tools and others are worksheets to complete to encourage your own growth.

The time is now...

I receive tens-of-thousands of views on my lives, and you can too!

Who is this course NOT for?

This course isn't for everyone. You heard me right... I don't want to waste your time.

  • Someone who gets tens-of-thousands of views on their Facebook Lives with great engagement from viewers..

  • Someone who has not yet established their Facebook Business Page or Facebook Group. I recommend you get that set up and running with a couple of hundred followers.

Have questions about going live?

I have the answers to these questions, and more...

  • When should you I pay to boost a video, or should I be boosting at all?

  • When should I go live?

  • How do people do change between multiple cameras during their lives?


  • 1

    Why Should You Go Live?

  • 2

    Technology & Software

    • Technology

    • Software

    • Multi-Camera Demonstration

    • Shopping List

  • 3

    Set Up Your Space

    • Background

    • Work Surface

    • Lighting

    • Microphone

    • Camera Set Up

    • Homework: Space Evaluation

  • 4

    Be the Best Host You Can Be

    • Battling Nerves

    • How to Go Live (with no one watching) for Practice

    • Homework - Self Evaluation

    • Infotainment & Content

    • Your Appearance & the Two C's!

    • Engaging with Your Audience

    • Tool: Questions To Ask Viewers During Your Live

    • Tool: Self-Reminders During Your Live

    • Sensory Marketing Strategy

    • Tool: Self-Evaluation Form for Facebook Lives

  • 5

    Marketing: Before, During & After

    • Before Your Live

    • During Your Live

    • After Your Live

    • Spotlight Your Videos on Facebook

    • Facebook Creator Studio

    • Homework: Marketing Evaluation & Action Plan

    • Tool: Boost Log

  • 6

    Earning Income from Facebook Live

    • Fan Donations & Facebook Ads

    • Affiliate Links

    • Sponsors

    • Use Facebook Lives to Sell a Product/Service

    • Homework - Identify Sponsors


I'm including two bonuses to accelerate your growth.


    As a student of Go Live For Growth you will be invited to a Private Facebook Group where you can exchange ideas and your progress with fellow students.


    Students of this course will have the exclusive opportunity to arrange a thirty-minute coaching session with Chloe at a special rate.


I've got the answers...

  • Do I have to buy expensive equipment or software to go Live on Facebook?

    No, all you need is your mobile device or a laptop to go Live on Facebook. I will give you recommendations for items you can purchase that will help you step-up your game, but they aren't necessary. I personally don't use an expensive equipment nor do I recommend expensive equipment that breaks the bank.

  • Will I have instant access to the course and for how long?

    Yes, you will have instant access to all modules of the course. You will have access for six months.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. If you are not satisfied I offer a full refund within seven days of purchase.

  • What type of businesses does this work for?

    Facebook Lives are for every type of business. I focus on creators: crafters, DIYers, bakers, chefs, fashion bloggers, etc. But, as long as you want to grow your brand then this is a course for you.

  • How is Go Live for Growth different from other courses and programs?

    In this program I give you my perspective and share with you what I've learned works best for my brand and business. I practice everything I teach and my numbers continue to increase because of it. I offer the perspective of a baby boomer taught and supported by a millennial.

  • Can't I just watch YouTube videos and learn this for free?

    Yes, you probably could. But what I give you in this course is a more direct path and formula for success. I will take you step by step and offer you tools to help guide and refine your approach.

Get started now.

It's time to be more confident and expand your audience.